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As a Course Kings member, you'll get the foundational information you need, but more importantly, you'll learn how to implement it by watching our coaches work with their players. Here's a snippet from one of those lessons.


Aaron Wise - PGA Tour Player

"If you are tired of hearing the same old spiel and actually want to become a better golfer and achieve your goals, this is for you. It's new, it's modern, and it's game changing."

Wyndham Clark - PGA Tour Player

"I've trusted Jeff with my game since college. With his help I won multiple times in college and just secured my PGA tour card through the tour. I've seen first hand how he can make players of all skill levels better in every facet of the game. He's the best in the business."

Patrick Rodgers - PGA Tour Player

"Jeff is truly a coach for his players seeking every avenue for improvement and consistent performance. I've never felt better about the future of my game than I do now working with Jeff."

Casey Martin - University of Oregon Head Coach

"Jeff has worked with a number of my players and done an amazing job. He has taken them to another level and done it in a relatively short amount of time. He is without question one of the best teachers in the world and a rising star in the coaching ranks."