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New Weekly Series

Every week we'll upload a new series covering topics that are requested by the Course Kings membership.

Private Facebook Community

Get access to a community of other serious golfers who want to take their game to the next level.

Weekly Live Q&A's

Join weekly Q&A's with our coaches to get clarification on any questions you have about your game.

In Group Swing Analysis

Post your progress in the Facebook Group and get feedback from our coaches.

Choose From 20+ Golf Blueprints Including...

Distance Wedge Play

Aaron Wise breaks down how he hits his distance wedges.

Soft Spinny Pitches

Never fear sticking it in the ground again, seriously.

Elite Course Strategy

Strategy that can lower your average scores overnight.

Swing Preferences

Jeff teaches what he believes makes up an optimal golf swing.

Transition In Detail

Learn how to transition for maximum consistency.

Adding Rotation

Learn the variables that go into adding rotation to your swing.

Tour Level Putting

Learn what the best putters in the world actually do.

Lead Arm Depth

Learn why more depth with put less pressure on your back

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Choose from over a dozen Course Kings execution plans.

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Get detailed lessons on how to create a consistent golf swing.

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Post your swing in our Private Facebook Group.

STEP 4: Attend Our Live Q&A's

Ask our coaches any questions you have about golf.

STEP 5: Go Drop Some Low Scores!!

Enjoy consistent golf.

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